Building Multilingual Websites in Umbraco 8 Blog post

I was recently fortunate enough to get an article published in the 2020 edition of 24 Days In Umbraco - a seasonal tradition that brings together different authors from the community in one big bumper month of knowledge sharing!

I decided to write about my experiences building multilingual websites in Umbraco 8. I'm not going to copy what I've already written, but just give a quick precis and then you can read the full article here.

The article is aimed at developers who are familiar with Umbraco but have maybe not built a multilingual site before (or have only built them in Umbraco 7, which is quite different). The article aims to:

  • Provide advice on what you should discuss with your client before starting the build
  • Issues you may encounter with repeatable content (eg. Nested Content, Grid or Block List Editor)
  • How Examine search changes for multilingual sites
  • How to deal with caching across languages
  • Tips on how to generate HrefLang tags in Umbraco
  • Some code to get your started making a language selector to easily swap between the configured languages in your Umbraco 8 site

So for all the details please have a read of: 

Download: 24 Days in Umbraco

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