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Privacy & Cookies

So, I'm not a lawyer or anything but I'm kinda aware you need to have some kind of privacy policy nowadays to be a proper, grown-up website. So here goes...


The site is built on ASP.NET so your probably going to get an ASP.NET session cookie because that's the default. But it's not used for any purpose, honest.

I also have Google Analytics installed, which tracks page impressions and stuff. It likes to set cookies. I'm not really bothered about the stats, but the data helps me play around with Google Analytics API sometimes!

If you don't like cookies then I'd suggest you disable cookies via your browser or use an ad/tracker blocker - I'd recommend uBlock for this.


If you contact me via the Contact Form then this simply emails me the submission via encrypted SMTP - it's not stored anywhere apart from possibly in my inbox or the spam filter of my ISP.

If you make a comment on my blog then this will be stored in the site's database. I'll also record your IP address (just in case I need to block spammers based on IP). I'll never reveal any of this data to anyone. I'm afraid my data just isn't comprehensive enough to sell to Cambridge Analytica yet...

If I like your comment it will be published on the site, but your email address will never be revealed or published. I hate spam as much as you.

Apart from that, I don't believe I steal any of your data or do anything nefarious with it. But if you have concerns, you need only ask.