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Electronic Tracks My solo eletrconic tracks

Dan Diplo

Being in a band is great, but sometimes it can be quite limiting.

Even though I was the main songwriter in Crush I often liked to experiment with different styles, or simply produce something that is all my own work. Of course, this means more freedom but has the disadvantage that you can't blame anyone else if it sounds bloody awful :)

One of the great things about the advent of high-speed home computers has been that it's possible to have your own virtual studio just on your PC. Hard-disk recording means you can now compose, mix and master your tracks entirely in the digital medium, allowing you to produce tracks of near CD quality in your own home. Sequencers like Steinberg's Cubase along with virtual synths like Propellerheads' Reason are often all you need to make amazing tracks (as long as you have the imagination and skill!).

Using these tools gave me the freedom to create anything from abstract electronic music to jazz. There really are no longer any boundaries to what you can make, as it's easy to mix traditional instruments in with samples, virtual analogue synths and loops. And of course, you can still make guitar tracks, too.

Alongside the tracks below you can also find a whole load of online collaborations I've made on the amazing Wikiloops website.

Name Role
Dan Diplo Keyboards, programming, guitars, bass & everything :)

Here are some of the more electronic tracks I've made