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Record album covers recreated by Stable Diffusion image generation AI. Colliderscope

What happens when you take a famous album cover and recreate it in a different style? Or maybe even collide two different styles together? Like a particle accelerator for strange record covers...

The Beatles by Dali

The Beatles loved a bit of surrealism so I'm sure they would have absolutely approved of these album covers "designed" by Salvador Dali...

Beatles by Giorgio de Chirico

I've always thought De Chirico's style would perfectly suit the Fab Four and I don't think I'm wrong!

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd are renowned for their striking album covers, designed by Hipgnosis. They are instantly recognisable and Stable Diffusion does a great job of getting the essence just right...

Iron Bowie

Take two iconic performers and mash them together and you can still easily recognise both of them, despite them being so different stylistically!

Abba Metallica

Beards and poodle-perms - the Battle is on!