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Creative Photography Good warped!

Perhaps the hardest thing to do with Stable Diffusion is to manipulate photographs so they don't end-up looking like a 5 year old using Photoshop for the first time. I mean, I liked warped, but it has to be a good warped, not just plain naff distorted. So these are my attempts to take something and twist it into a new shape, whilst still trying to retain the essence of the original. As I say, not easy, and it takes a lot of "prompt tuning" to get there...

Angry Punks

Extremely angry, and extremely scary!

After We All Die

A collage of death and decay found on the forest floor

Things We Found on the Beach

All the precious objects we collected that day...


Adding a vibrant splash of colour to a virtual photoshoot!

Twisted Faces

Take the human face and twist, distort and mangle it...