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And now... DanContext.Current


I'm currently living with my lovely girlfriend wife, Susan. We got married in Thailand, bought a house together in West Kirby and are currently trying for some cats.

We're both vegetarians, but don't let that stop you inviting us round for dinner. We just prefer our animals to be cute, fluffy and living, rather than dead and decomposing. It's a quirk, I know. If you're curious, I've a blog post about eating animals.

Music is still a great passion for me, but now I mostly make solo stuff using various equipment as well as sequencers like Cubase and Reason. You can check out my latest creations in the music section of this site. If nothing else it will give you the chance to download some MP3's legally for once ;-)

I am also a member of Amnesty International who are an organisation that help protect human rights across the world. If you agree with this (and who cannot?) then visit their website and see how you can help. As well as programming and making websites I also enjoy mountain biking and like to relax with a glass or two of fine wine or real ale. All sponsorship deals considered.

And kittens. I love kittens. Please email me one.

I'm also (fairly) recently enrolled in the new Dad's club after becoming the father to a beautiful baby girl in 2013. It's the most exciting and fun journey I've been on yet! No, seriously, nappies and tantrums are awesome.