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About Dan Booth

Dan Mast

So you want to know all about me, ummm? Well, let's see...


I was born in Bury, a small town just outside Manchester in the depths of Northern England (that's England, Great Britain, the small island near France for any Americans reading this). I spent most of my younger years living in Liverpool before going up-market and settling down in West Kirby, a small town on the West coast of the Wirral Peninsula famed for its, erm... charity shops and nice cafes?

Music and Movement

I moved to Liverpool to go to University where I studied English Literature, alcohol and pot noodles. I did well in all subjects and graduated with a 2.i BA Hons before realising  the chances of finding a job in Liverpool at the time were vanishingly small (remember, these were the bleak days of ThatcherHatton and Frankie Goes to Hollywood). So I did what most people did at the time in Liverpool and joined a band, called  Coma Ray. We made beautiful noise. I was also on the famous Channel 4 quiz show Fifteen To One (where I was noticed by none other than John Peel).

After this I formed a new band with some friends called Crush where I again played bass and was also responsible for most of the songwriting. (You can find lots of my music tracks in the music section, OK?). 

Computers and Web

Finally realising that the life of a musician doesn't pay the bills I rekindled my long-standing interest in computers and programming and completed a postgraduate course in Software Technology at the University of Liverpool. I must have done well as they offered me a job after I graduated and so my current career as a web developer and programmer was born. At the time the web was a new frontier - a place where tables were used for layout, Netscape was the browser of choice and Altavista the only search engine to use. Social-networking consisted of a Geocities web-page with a spinning 3D gif saying "Email". Really. But like all new frontiers it was an exciting place to be and, thankfully, still is. You can find out more in the Dev section of my site.

Love and Rockets

am now happily married to my long suffering wife, Susan, and we live together in domestic bliss with our wee toddler daughter, B.

I'm a Booth but I'm Not a DJ

Oh, and let's get one thing straight from the start, buster. I am NOT that impostor DJ Diplo chap from the USA who shares the same monicker and happens to be more successful than me, not that I'm bitter, mind, even if I was making music under the name Diplo before he was born and he gets all the money and chicks. Good luck to him and if he has any spare royalty cheques then he should feel free to send them my way. But if you've come to find his music I'm afraid you'll be a bit disappointed. Sorry. But do keep sending the fan mail, it's always amusing.

Want to know more?

Gosh, you are nosey! OK, if you want to know more about my work then you can check out what I do or if you want to get right up-to-date then find out how things are now. If you are just curious about what the hell this diplo stuff is all about then find out more here.