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Groove Magazine Liverpool

Groove was a Liverpool based music and lifestyle magazine covering the North West of England that I occasionally wrote for.

Groove Music Clubs Life

It was run by Tony De Costa and Mike Clarke with design by Roy McCarthy. They were all complete pissheads with the business sense of a dead donkey. Yet sporadically they somehow managed to publish the magazine at monthly(ish) intervals during the 1990's.

For my sins I was roped in to write for the magazine, and for two years I spent my time blagging my way into various gigs and interviewing/reviewing/slagging-off local bands. Ahhh, the fun it was meeting a band member at a gig whom you'd said something less-than-kind about in a former review :)

So did I meet anyone famous? Well, I interviewed such local luminaries as Space and Cast as well as lesser known bands like The Real People and Smaller (now The Sums). This normally involved sitting in some grubby bar in Liverpool with a malfunctioning dictaphone trying to get 'pop-stars' to say something interesting... It had its moments, though! I did get my hands on the infamous Oasis demo cassette, but somehow managed to loose it!

Another of my regular columns was Dan's Demos where I got to rip the piss out of up-and-coming bands' demo tapes. You can read some of my my scintillating prose here... Still, it saved me a fortune in blank tapes!