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Fantasy Greg Rutkowski heaves a sigh

It's the staple fodder of AI based art and I hear Greg Rutkowski is getting a little fed-up of being ripped off, but perhaps it is because fantasy lends itself perfect to the boundless possibilities of AI generated art.

Goddess of Death

Skulls, bioluminescence, jewellery, Hindu mythology, Damian Hirst, psychedelia and the Mexican Day of the Dead!

African Warrior Queen

Beautiful, strong and powerful with a gold & mahogany aesthetic.

Witches Dancing Around Fire

When the moon is full and the forest is dark...

Dark Dragonfly

Iridescent and anthropomorphised

Autumn Forest Walk

A girl with a red coat takes a walk in the woods in Autumn

Forest Nymph

Deep within the woods lives a strange creature...

Raven Queen

The Raven Queen is proud and aloof...


The 3D skull created in different mediums and inlays