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Music Tape

This section of my website is devoted to one of my passions - creating music.

Ever since I bought a cheap Casio VL-Tone keyboard I became hooked on (trying) to write songs. Though the VL-Tone was just a tiny, monophonic synth with very basic sound-shaping facilities, you could still get some weird sounds out of it if you really tried :) When you don't have much money you have to be inventive, so I would wrangle strange bleeps out of an old ZX Spectrum computer, create weird tape loops on an old 8-track I found and improvise a reverb unit by placing a microphone inside a biscuit tin.

However, it wasn't until I borrowed a cheap bass guitar from a friend at college that I became more serious about learning to play. Though the bass was horribly set-up I persevered and soon could manage to play a few rudimentary bass lines. Spurred on by this small success I then bought a very cheap electric guitar. Like many young boys I'd always wanted to play guitar and this was my chance. I never bothered with lessons or theory, adopting a more 'punk' attitude where I made it up as I went along. In retrospect this is probably not the best way to learn to play, but who cares? It's rock'n'roll, man!

I also still like to collaborate with musicians via the wonders of the internet to create "virtual" jams online. You can find my collaborations on my Wikiloops profile, where musicians can come together to create online tracks.