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See me frozen there forever
In the lightning flash of your eyes
Every pit and shadow caught
In the pinpoint of your glare

This is the calm before the storm
Before the warm rains wash away
All my drowned excuses

How was I to know
Whether this was love or not?
Were you counting silent seconds
Waiting for the thunder ?

And afterwards
When you are gone
The air still hangs electric

How could I see clearly
When left blinking from the strike?
Staggering to find the words
Once the light had gone

In your room at night
Flickering light of fire drops
The open window breeze
Teasing candletops

I see
Liquid eyes of amber burn
I turn, time stops

Stillness shivers in
Dust settles

Snow like thin white petals
Starts to fall
Shadows crawl then freeze

I turn, time shudders twice

Your face quietly covered
By a liquid veil of ice

A broken moss-fed eulogy
Cracked dark against the treeline
Of lifeless weathered limbs

Forgotten lives are frozen
On slabs of granite grey
In mounds of muddy green

I squeeze your hand to feel
As windswept leaves are scattered
Across this ancient garden

Amongst these brittle memories
Of earth and faded roses
Your winter breath ascends

When I held you down
Your face bright with laughter
So surprised
To feel the knife
Just to see your eyes

Watching the colour fade
Blood into tears
And you cover me
Sliced open smile
All for an expression

Movements from outside
And you fall
A broken bruised statue
Perfect in the darkness
I will always love you